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After that post, I finally finished watching Tatami Galaxy. (suite…)


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I’m currently watching this and it’s strangely mesmerizing.

In short, it’s about a guy who started university and what were the impact of his choice of club on his life. Each episode is about a different club and how the MC hoped for a rose-colored campus life and how it failed him before he get another chance to  »reset » and try another club. It could be boring formulaic, because hey it’s almost the love child of Groundhog Day and the infamous Endless Eight of Haruhi. Except in more weird and eclectic.

As strange it may sound, but another thing that I’m reminded of is Utena. Maybe because I read that interesting piece on how the reuse of image in Utena helped the viewer to understand Anthy and since I read that, I’m more interested in repetition and their meaning/impact on the work.

Since each club let the MC explore an ideal/goal, it emcompass in a way that period of life where one is supposed to try a lot of new thing to get to know oneself. Only at the end will I know if it’s a pessimist outlook (after all, MC  »fail » at every club) or if the character found his growth elsewehere. After I finish that show, maybe I will continue my rambling.

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