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(oops, I almost forgot my goal to write more)

Well, that was disappointing, I can only hope the movie will be better. The shift of writer between each season is hard to miss; it went from a well-rounded likable cast discovering the true meaning of  »dystopy » to a huge cast with one note quirk struggling with ~mystery~ who eventually resetted itself.

Saiga goes back to jail. Shyguy is still shy and almost a prop (no focus on him as a character and no flashback), same for Shion and Yayoi. Sybil goes back to their business. Maybe the  »relationship » between Mika and Togane was supposed to mirror the Akane/Kogami pair, like  »let’s present two character and how they would be if they were darker » and the huge contrast. After all, at first, Akane was also a rookie once, but her character grew and became resilient while Mika couldn’t handle the truth behind Sybil and snapped. Togane and Kogami were both Enforcer (but one is a huge bag of clown and the other was a great character) who changed a but their Inspector. That parallel was just awkwardly handled, since Mika was never a likable character and quickly went stale. It screamed:  »now that we have established that Akane could’ve been a rookie like that, what should we do with Mika? She will be jealous and petty and… jealous and petty and… that’s all? Let’s think about that later ».

At first, I was a tad disappointed with the lack of Kogami in that sequel. Now I’m happy, his character didn’t became a feeble replica of himself like the Ginoza of the sequel and the original one. Maybe in the movie…

And if this is the case, for once, a movie will have a better continuity with the  »canon » than a TV sequel who basically choose the statu quo route. Usually it’s the other way, like FMA and the movie who is a stand-alone forgettable thing and it’s almost funny.


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The pace slowed down this week but after the flashy first episode, it’s time for Akane to think logically about this case and to seach more clues, even if other character question her sanity. (suite…)

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I’m sure this post will go in every direction. That gym where Akane and Moody were training is really huge and weirdly empty. (suite…)

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My first pairing even before I knew it was a thing

Original artist: CLAMP


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Luckily, I recently binge-watched the extended version of season one, so everything was still fresh in my mind. I don’t know how much exactly was new stuff in that comparatively to the non extended version, since it’s already been a while since my first viewing of that, but it was perfect for refreshing my memory. Anyway. (suite…)

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