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I’m currently in the mood to read a few mangas I already read years ago. When I’m lucky, a ton of other chapter were published and scanlated during that time. When I’m not, it’s was on hiatus all that time (I look at you Yami no Matsui <.<) When I’m really not, it was dropped, taken back and dropped again before disappearing in the sunset ( Tactics ;_; )

I think what started that trip to  »nostalgia lane » was that I finally received my shipping from Rightstuff and held in my hand my dear Lament of the lamb that I ordered. A friend of mine lent me the volume 1 and 2 when I was fifteen and it was the first manga that I read (and Fruits Basket *shrugs* (Ok, my really first manga was DBZ but I was probably ten and I didn’t know what it was. No way in hell I’m buying that.)) I think it took me a few years before reading the rest of Lament of the lamb (online) but now, the physical object is mine and pretty~ I’m only nitpicking here, but if I remember correctly my friend had the French translation who kept the color page and it was prettier that Tokyopop who didn’t.

On almost on another note, I wonder if I should keep reading Get Backer. I bought the ten first volume 3 years ago and they make me feel guilty for being in my backlog since that. But but but the anime was so fabulous, I wished for more sparkling bishie and BL undertone. Except there is none in the manga: it’s all old tired shounen tropes for now. I keep hope that it will get better (and have more Kazuki), but for now it’s only boring borderline painful to read.

That good old fallacy of  »since I bought that, I should read/watch that fully » even if it’s a chore. On that list, there is also the anime of Clamp School Detective where only one DVD is left unwatched since forever which is a good thing but even while I was an huge CLAMP fangirl it was plainly awful/painful. Maybe I will go back soon on x/1999 and be amazed by the art, moved and ultimatly annoyed because it will never ends. If one day it resumes, it will be a really marvelous days.

It’s funny, currently I’m reading more manga than I’m watching anime when it was always the opposite. Maybe it’s because I’m between  »season » or that I’m soon seeing a friend and we will borrow/lent books between us. It will be glorious.


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