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Since it was a slow episode I have not much to add. Su-won plan his coronation and there is hints of shadiness from the Fire Tribe and that guy who was rejected by Yona. Hak and Yona reach the Wind Tribe where she has the chance to breathes a bit and recover-deal with what happened while Hak plans to leave her behind in safety. (suite…)


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I’m pleasantly surprised with how it’s going. Maybe I’m too used to generic fantasy shoujo with a reverse harem and I have low expectation because of that. Reverse harem are usually like this: first episode for setting the plot and presenting each love interest and episode after are all about bishies gathering and MC spending time with Bishie of the week to eventually unravel a dark secret~ and heal him with her Mary Stuness. When it’s corny and aware of that like Uta prince-same, it’s marvelous, but it’s usually bland and forgettable like Amnesia (heh) and try to hard to do drama. Luckily, for now, Yona isn’t like this.


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