After last week where it was Unlimited Blabbering Works, this week was simply terrific with it outstanding animation and the seamlessy addition of a few news scenes. The kind of episode where almost everything would be a perfect screencaps. Lire la suite »


About Shirabako 03, Garo 04, Laughting under the Cloud 04 and Chaika.

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Psycho Pass 03

The pace slowed down this week but after the flashy first episode, it’s time for Akane to think logically about this case and to seach more clues, even if other character question her sanity. Lire la suite »

With screenshot like that, it’s hard to not make bad penis jokes and call him Shinichi Penishand. Once that said, I can go on more serious stuff. Lire la suite »

I’m pleasantly surprised with how it’s going. Maybe I’m too used to generic fantasy shoujo with a reverse harem and I have low expectation because of that. Reverse harem are usually like this: first episode for setting the plot and presenting each love interest and episode after are all about bishies gathering and MC spending time with Bishie of the week to eventually unravel a dark secret~ and heal him with her Mary Stuness. When it’s corny and aware of that like Uta prince-same, it’s marvelous, but it’s usually bland and forgettable like Amnesia (heh) and try to hard to do drama. Luckily, for now, Yona isn’t like this.

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I’m currently rewatching the first season of Jigoku Shoujo (tomorrow I watch the seventh episode). The show is about a mysterious girl who give the power to enact a revenge and how the character came to wish to curse someone, if they will use that power or not and how that will play out. I had forgotten how much it looks like a ‘villain of the week’ kind of anime and how pessimistic it is. Luckily, I know that ‘it get better later, I swear’, otherwise I would probaby dropped already since. Lire la suite »

Sunday story~ 01

I just realized that I mostly write about anime while my original goal was just writing more, no matter what, but it’s not like that I will work on my wordsmithing. So for now, I will try to schedule myself like that (and for that subject, screw my own guideline on only writing in English: it’s so annoying searching the perfect word to express a concept) Lire la suite »

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